Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wee Bit of Me Wednesday

{one} have you ever milked a cow or a goat?

{two} what sound does your alarm make when it goes off in the morning?
We have it set to a classic rock radio station, which is the only station we can get in our basement apartment. I HATE clock alarms, they always end up scaring me to death.

{three} chocolate milk or hot chocolate?
It depends on the season. I prefer chocolate milk in hot weather and hot chocolate in cold weather.

{four} what is one of the quirkiest things about you?
Do you know Adam from the show Mythbusters? Yes? Well, there you go.

{five} are you more like your mom or your dad?
Definitely more like my mom. I even look like her and she's not my biological mother (genetically, she's my grandmother, but that's a story for another time).

{six} do you sleep with the tv on?
No way. I can't sleep if there's any noise except for white noise such as the furnace or our fan.

{seven} if you were a crayon, what color would you be?

{eight} ross, joey, or chandler?
Definitely Chandler :D

{nine} do you play any musical instruments?
I can kinda sorta play piano.

{ten} what’s the worst thing you’ve ever cooked/baked?
I seem to be able to cook just about anything without destroying it. However, one Christmas season I made these cookies that were such a horrific pain in my butt that I threw the recipe out. LOL


My husband paid my Right to Permanent Residence fee almost a week ago. We're much closer to this process being done, I think... thank God. We're looking at me landing as a resident of Canada before Christmas. I sure hope so. I missed Christmas 2009 and my first anniversary with my beloved Canuck, I sure don't want to miss either one this time. Ontario can dump six feet of snow on me, and I don't even care at this point. I just want to return to the place that I consider my home and be legally able to call it my home!

Residency means me being free to work.
Residency means having access to medical care that I can't even get in THIS country.
Residency means no more scary border crossings and the fear and anxiety that accompany them.
Residency means no more fear of my time with my husband being limited.
Residency means that we can begin our family soon.
Residency means that Mary is going to be happiest person in the world. Things may never be perfect, and sometimes they may never even be ideal, but they're still part of my life and I am learning to MAKE life happy even when it's not.

I had to leave Canada in May of 2009. We hadn't filed for my permanent residency yet. Once I returned to my family home in Virginia, things began occurring in rapid succession. My father, who suffered a massive stroke in 1997, fell very ill and was in hospital virtually all summer. My mother's vision began declining rapidly and I found myself helping her more and more with the little things. Days turned into weeks, months. Trevor and I got little done, but at last by early December, everything was ready to go.

Then my dad died a week before Christmas.

In February, the FBI contacted me to get fresh fingerprints, because the ones I had had done in mid-December were smudged. After I sent new prints and they were putting me in the system and confirming that I have no criminal record, Trevor lost his job. And he really couldn't apply as my sponsor without a job, and the economy was bad... So we didn't get the application sent out until late June.

So yeah, I am so ready for this to be over. I've been away from Canada and my husband for sixteen months. It's been an intensely emotional ride, one that I hope to never, ever experience again in my lifetime. All I want for Christmas is to be a Canadian permanent resident.

I'm a born and bred American. I was born in western New York and lived there for the first eight years of my life. Then I moved south. But when I went to Canada... it's like I was always meant to be there. It's the place where my life is just supposed to be. It's a gut feeling, a heart feeling, a soul feeling. It just felt right.

I hope you all have a great Wednesday! It's almost the weekend again, yahoo!


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad it's almost over! I know how you feel about it being home. When my plane landed in Calgary the first time, I was looking out the window at the landmarks ~ Calgary Tower, downtown, the Saddledome ~ and it was like I was finally coming home not visiting for the first time.

May all your Christmas wishes come true.

~ Renee
(Emrana on SP)