Hello there, lovelies! I'm so glad you could make it to my little corner of the universe. I'm Mary, an American-Canadian blogger based in the Greater Toronto Area. I am a creative, curious soul who is learning to live an abundant life and be a succulently wild woman. I write here about all the little odds and ends of my life, and the long birthing of my creative dreams. I want to inspire and encourage everyone to live life to its fullest, with all its gifts and glory.

The Sweet Maple Life

I'm from Virginia but fell in love with Canada in 2008, officially moving to Ontario in December 2010. I'm battling severe anxiety and depression and am currently searching for a job while I put a bigger focus on creativity and finding myself.

Things I like include coffee, kitties, green tea-flavoured anything, reading, art, crochet, digital scrapbooking, thunderstorms, and sushi.

Things I dislike include any form of bigotry (sexism, racism, etc), being too hot in a big crowd, lack-of-caffeine headaches, having wet feet, soy milk, and artist's/writer's block.

I foster kittens for adoption and we have five cats of our own. Clockwise from top we have Zeddy, Weebles, Spike, Teddy, and Ash. Spike is my boy and is the sweetest fella out there!

I tend to mention this guy a lot, so he deserves a little attention! He is Trevor, my husband. We met online in 2002, began a not-very-serious long-distance relationship in 2004, met in person in 2008, and married in 2009 :) It's his fault I'm a Canadian now! And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Creative Focus

The goal of this blog was to tell the tale of my sweet new life in Canada, after years of battling mental illness and long isolation in the Virginia mountains. While I am still doing that, I feel the direction my life is heading is one that needs more focus, and that's my creative forces birthing from my body and heart. Using techniques and inspiration from the likes of Leonie Dawson and Sark, I've begun to overhaul my outlook on life, and my dark thick fog of depression is lifting even as I write this. This journey is ongoing and is only in its beginning stages, but so far it's been pretty cool.

Beautiful Goals

Here they are in a nutshell:

- Complete and release my e-books.
- Move more and feel better because of it.
- Learn new art techniques and produce more art.
- Create, create, create and get my shop open.
- Learn to sew and produce a line of cool home decor or accessories with it.
- Work on this blog, my shop, and a website.

I feel that I am on track to these goals, which even at the beginning of this year seemed impossible for me. I've set quite a few of them, but there's nothing more satisfying to me than ticking things off a list and knowing I accomplished something great!

When I'm not working toward my goals, I'm busy crafting, cuddling with my Canuck and cats, and burying my face in my Kobo.

Find Me Anywhere, Anytime

If you would like to connect with me, there are LOTS of ways to do that!

You can find me on Ravelry, Swap-Bot, Bloglovin, Goodreads, Her Network, Creative Connections, Digital Scrapbook Place, and Listography.

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Or you can shoot me an email at wayfaring.dreams(at)gmail(dot)com.