Monday, November 15, 2010

2 Emotional Bits of News

I got a double whammy when it came to very emotional news today. One was bad, the other was good. I'll go ahead and share the bad.

Our eighteen-year-old cat, Zed, had to be put down today. He loved everyone. When I first arrived at the house in Thornhill in June of 2008, he greeted me at the door and meowed at me. I quickly became close with the old man and adored him.

I wish I had been able to say goodbye to him. Like everything else in Canada, I haven't physically seen him for eighteen months. But now he's without pain, and he finished his long, relatively healthy life in my husband's and mother in law's arms.

After I found out about Zed being put down, well, needless to say I was bawling my eyes out. Then, just minutes later, I received an email from Canadian Immigration.

Here's the good news.

I received my passport request!!! I need to get three recent photos made and mail off my passport to Buffalo, and within a few weeks I'll receive it back and I'm free to land as a Canadian resident!!!!

Talk about an emotional rollercoaster today.

While my heart is heavy because I'm sad that my old man cat is gone, I'm also rejoicing in the fact that I can return to Canada very soon. I've spent the last few hours bawling my eyes out. It's hard to realize just how emotional immigration is until it's over and the fear and the wait are almost completely over.

Sometimes I didn't ever believe that this would be over. It's kind of hard to believe right now! But I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me, and you can bet I'm hopping up and down thanking God right now for blessing me the way He has =)

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Shawn Becker said...

Poor Zed, I can only imagine how hard this bit of news was. On the other hand, congrats on the immigration news.