Monday, January 17, 2011

Winter in Thornhill

Happy 2011, friends!

Abruptly readjusting to harsh Ontario winters has been, well, abrupt. I have to get used to putting two layers of pants on, foregoing my still-tight jeans to put leggings or long johns on to prevent popsicle leg syndrome. I have to put my fleece over my shirt, then put my coat over that, which winds up with me sweating to death and smelling salty by the time I set foot in my destination. I put on my trapper hat and my gloves and sometimes my scarf, all of which tend to inhibit one or more of my senses. The bitter wind may mock me, and I may have to but I'll be damned if one inch of me gets cold!

It's totally worth it to be back here, and it could be a lot worse, but dangit, I hate winter. And yet it's so darn pretty that I still love taking pictures of it!

It's in the 40's and 50's Fahrenheit back in Virginia. And I get icicles on my nose. But I'd still rather be here than there!

When I step out of our door and onto the walkway leading to the driveway and sidewalk, this is what I see.

Buildings behind a Yonge & Clark bus stop.

Clark Avenue East

Clark Avenue East

Our backyard. Come spring, those trees will be blossoming (they're apple, plum, and cherry trees) and I'll be able to plant some veggies!

What's the best way to warm up body and soul on a cold winter's day, when your feet are aching and freezing and your nose wants to fall off? Or even after you look at these pictures? Why, a trip to Tim Hortons, of course! I sure missed my Timmies.

Chili, bread, coffee, and an adorable Canadian doughnut hit the spot. And, naturally, I had to include my Canuck mittens for effect. And because I had just taken them off to take the photo. I love my mittens.

And this is how prepared I am for my first winter back in Canada. After battling with cold, wet feet from slushy snow days and the white crap melting indoors on my cheap boots in the bitter winter of 2009, I recently broke down and bought a good pair of boots with waterproof uppers. Yay waterproof!

They're not the adorable little wedge heel boots that everyone's wearing right now, but they're obviously not heavy duty walkers like I am. I NEED these clunkers.

And winter has only just begun. I will document it with even more photos and half-hearted complaining, and count down every single day until spring arrives, which will entail praise and even more photos.

I will update again on Thursday to share some of my favourite places in the area, as well as Tips on Becoming Canadian. Stay tuned! :)

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Anonymous said...

Those boots are cute! My first Canadian winter had lots of layers too, but you do get used to it. Now I leave my coat at home sometimes if it gets about 0. lol Canada's the only place I've seen people walking around in shorts when it's 5 degrees out. Hey, it's not minus!!