Thursday, September 1, 2011

About Mary

I immigrated to Ontario, Canada from Virginia in December of 2010 to be with my Canadian husband. We met online in April 2002, and I first came to live with him in 2008. For years I had been dreaming of Trevor before I ever met him online, and I had had a burning desire urging me to go north. This desperate urge never ceased until I first came here... and suddenly, it was appeased. Silenced. I don't believe in coincidences.

I lived a very sheltered, overprotected, paranoid and isolated life. First in western New York, then in north-central Kentucky, then in southwest Virginia. Always semi-rural. Always homeschooled. Always kept under lock and key. I was never really able to form a decent relationship with my biological mother, who was my mom's daughter! When I came to Canada, I was able to do things I'd never done before in my life. I saw everything with awe and pleasure, and I still do.

I'm random, unconventional, quizzical, and silly. I'm a self-taught know it all (but I know that I don't really know everything!). I'm learning to not tolerate BS. I'm a wife, mama to five cats and additional foster kittens, novice gardener, crafter, and writer. I love to cook and bake. I'm obsessed with zebra-print and the colour pink. I love glitter and shine. One side of me embraces femininity, while the other is still the tomboy that I was throughout my childhood. I am just as happy in lace and skirts as I am in jeans and skater shoes. I'm learning how to outwardly express what is inside me. It's kind of hard to describe me. Ten years ago I was a stuffy, close-minded girl who was old before her time. Now I'm as open-minded as I can be.

I'm amassing a collection of ebooks before I even get an ereader! I write, and I've been writing since I knew the alphabet but didn't quite know how to form proper sentences on paper. I've drawn since that same early time. I love crafts, DIY projects, and various art mediums. I've started doing custom faceups on dolls and I LOVE it! I'm a coffee fanatic, a city girl, and Canada's passionate lover. I have severe depression and anxiety disorder, but I'm learning how to battle it and live more happily than ever before.

I have been married to my beloved for nearly four years now. We have survived some pretty bad times, only to come out on top. He lets me be the true, crazy me, and he loves me no matter how much I weigh or how moody I get. I firmly believe that he is my soul mate and that we have simply picked up from where we left off in our last lives together.

I also believe that I knew my biological mother in my last life or lives. Probably all of my siblings as well, especially my youngest.

I was raised Christian, although not in any particular denomination. My parents had been raised as strict Catholics. Mom, being of a much older generation, was always much more conservative and staunch in her viewpoints and mindset. However, she had always had a keen interest in Edgar Cayce, aliens, crystals, the existence of Atlantis, and astrology. She firmly believed in reincarnation. She and I used to have the most awesome talks about stuff like that! :)

At this stage of my life, I identify as a Christian Spiritualist who participates in both Unity and Brethren of Christ fellowship, which believe in simple faith and (in the case of the former), healing energies and a Christ-consciousness. I have my biological mother to thank to exposing me to Unity and Christian Spiritualism in 2009. I began a new chapter of my spiritual journey, and at this time I am also somewhat practicing Paganism. I easily get drained by electronic devices; I don't own a mobile and I'm trying to cut down my computer time. I feel my best after recharging and grounding in moonlight or by any large body of water. I love walking in forests and feeling the subtle consciousness of trees.

Lots of people think I'm crazy, sure. Lots of people probably want me to go to hell. Lots of people are probably pissed off that I'm sullying the Old Faiths. But this journey is exciting me to no end. It's what my heart is pulling me to. As a fellow blogger, Aoibheal, stated on her own About page: "I fully believe that spirituality comes from within, not from whatever is impressed and engraved upon you by others."

So that's me in a nutshell :) I hope I haven't scared you off and that you come along with me on my life's winding path!