Saturday, May 19, 2012

Springing Toward Summertime

As the title says, it's springing toward summertime. It was around 30*C today, low humidity, and absolutely gorgeous. My MIL and I walked everywhere, yard sale hunting and then to the farmer's market so I could buy soil and more herb and veggie plants. The market was crowded with people doing the same thing! It's the big planting weekend here, and it's also Victoria Day weekend, so things are quite busy.

After dinner, we bought one-dollar slushies at Mac's and walked to Oak Bank Park, one of our favourite places to go.

The evening sun brought out brighter greens in the grass and warm gold out of the air. This golden air was full and sweet and calm, echoing with robinsong. Weeping willows and maples with leaves bigger than my hand bent over the runoff streams on the side of the road as we approached the park. Geese with their babies let me slowly approach to take photos; the females lying down with the fuzzy goslings, and the ganders standing guard over them.

The pond itself was glimmering in places as though it reflected a galaxy. Geese honked occasionally on the tiny islands formed at the centre of the pond. Turtles were swarming the water near the deck, perhaps hoping for some bread crumbs. Bright blue dragonflies whizzed by, red-winged blackbirds sang in the bulrushes, and pairs of mallard ducks calmly glided along the more shallow water. I was totally blissed out, like I am whenever I'm in nature.

We didn't see the wood ducks or the swan that Trevor and I saw last time we visited the pond:

But I'm sure we'll see them again. After all, it's going to be a long golden summer.

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