Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My container garden this week!

Freshly watered as the sun began going down (I took this pic around 7:30).

My cucumber plant is trying to climb right on out! It's got several little vines curling all over the place, too. I ended up moving it away from the tomato plants because it was fixing to latch on.

I was checking the cucumber plant and I spotted this! Congratulations, it's a little... uh... cucumber!!

My garlic is finally growing! Yay!

I'm so impressed with how well my little garden is doing. If all continues to go well, the size of the garden will be increased next spring. I want to find some really deep containers to plant carrots and potatoes in. Maybe I'll try radishes and broccoli as well!

The weather is still yo-yoing around here. The past couple of days were ridiculously hot and we had smog advisories up, but that didn't stop me from talking super long walks that left me exhausted and dripping sweat. My MIL and I geocached the other evening and it started pouring down rain on us; by the time I had finished diving into the tree, getting scratched and my pants ripped before I finally extricated the lock & lock container, we were completely soaked through despite our umbrellas.

And guess what, today I have a cold.

But for REALLY GREAT NEWS, Trevor's finally gotten a job and started this evening at Dolce Camerata! It's a neat little cafe that opened up a few months back in Centerpoint Mall. The general manager is great and he and Trevor get along wonderfully. He's wanting to open another location soon and make Trevor manager of this one, and he wants to hire me to make a banner poster that he'll get printed! I'm not going to count chickens before they hatch, but I'm really, really excited for Trevor. He's so happy and stress-free right now, which in turn makes ME happy! :)


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