Monday, September 24, 2012

Autumn is here! Pic heavy!

It's that time of year again: fall fairs, harvest festivals, apples bright red on the trees, and leaves quickly beginning to turn brilliant shades of orange, copper, gold, and red. The nights are quite chilly now and I can't go outside without a jacket, and the days aren't much warmer any more. It's the time for pumpkin spice lattes, hot apple cider, and hot chili cooking for dinner. It's two weeks until Canadian Thanksgiving, and little over a month until my beloved Halloween. It's soon time to walk through tons of fallen leaves and smell their dry, pleasant scent.

Happy Fall, y'all!!

I forgot to post about the Thornhill Village Festival on the 15th, so here are some photos from this event that I greatly look forward to every year!

My MIL and I went very early to help set up Urban Cat Relief's booth.

Then I had Esther, our resident face-painting goddess, do up my face for the day!

Can't say I can sit in the middle of Yonge Street every day! :) A chunk of it was closed off for the festival and the parade.

One of the festival themes this year was the Diamond Jubilee, so that was pretty cool to witness and be a part of.

The festival always has reenactors for the Battle of York.

Trevor showed up and got his face zapped by Esther! :)

Our face-painting queen hard at work at the end of the day!

For people who live in this area, the Thornhill Village Festival is more of an official end to summer than the CNE. The very next day I hauled out all the autumn decorations and did up our apartment in beautiful leaves, cute scarecrows, and gourds and pumpkins. And this past Saturday, we went to a fall fair down in Ancaster, a small town near Hamilton.

The reason we were down there in the first place was because we wanted to go to the Personal Computer Museum in Brantford, which is a bit of a drive but our family friend Jeff loves to drive and have weekend adventures, so we were all for it! We'd decided to hit up one of the many fall fairs taking place that weekend, so when we randomly saw a sign pointing to the one in Ancaster, we went for it.

Looking down on Milton from the Niagara Escarpment.

Escarpment! The leaves are quickly changing now, so quickly that I think they will reach their peak by Thanksgiving.

I love seeing Ontario countryside!

This was my first REAL fall fair, with prize-winning crafts, crops, critters, and more.

This lady was a two-year-old Haflinger filly named Sparkle. Her mother was in the pen with her and her hooves were painted with glitter. Sparkle was very curious and happy, snuffling and rubbing on everyone with half-lidded eyes as they stroked her muzzle and soft neck. After I took this pic, she started rubbing her chin back and forth on the sleeve of my sweater as though enjoying the feeling, then she nipped. I now have a big black bruise on my forearm from her teeth. I think she really liked my sweater! LOL.

Sheep being herded out into a trailer.

It started getting very chilly, and because we weren't wearing jackets, we decided it was time to leave. We grabbed a bite to eat and some candy apples first, though! So we didn't get to stay for the horse show or the demolition derby, but we had a lot of fun all the same!

Besides, the sky went from pure blue to this:

The drive home was long. Jeff started going the wrong way and we nearly ended up going to Niagara Falls, but then we got back on the right track and headed back to Toronto :)

And there you have my weekend adventures for the past two weeks. There will hopefully be more this week and next, my friends, so stay tuned! I will post again before then, however ;) I've got a hankering to do another fashion accessory post and maybe outfit inspiration. Woohooo!

So until then, have a great day! <3

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