Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Happy Solstice!

Sorry I didn't post last night!

I hope you all had a magical Yule/Solstice yesterday, and that the coming year is full of beautiful light and joy :)

Yesterday I decorated my altar in festive decorations, sparkly snowflakes, yellow and orange candles to represent the sun, and a blue glass candle holder with the sun emblazoned on all four sides. I lit a white candle, the yellow candle, and turned on a string of lighting around the altar as I said a Solstice prayer and meditated.

My wish is to live more adventurously in 2013. To stop worrying so much, to stop the habit of just "existing" and really LIVE. Live a creative life, live doing what I love.

Stop fearing.

The world didn't end yesterday, but we have entered a new cycle. A new era.

And mine is beginning quite wonderfully.

I will be back with the photo a day and other regularly scheduled posts after Christmas, my loves. Have a wonderful holiday and I shall see you then! :)

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