Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photo-a-Day Catch Up

I'm behind in posting, but I have been taking my daily picture.

First off, though, I would like to extend my deepest condolences, grief, and prayers to the victims and the affected of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. There is so much agony, fear, and devastation in a lot of lives right now, and I think all of us could take a moment or two to send waves of light their way, or prayers if you follow any particular deity's path.

I saw pictures of those beautiful people and those beautiful little children, all of them happy and smiling, the children no doubt excited for the holidays. I honestly cannot imagine the horror that the victims' families are feeling right now. I cannot imagine the nightmares that the surviving children are experiencing.

Light has been extinguished from this world.

Please hug your children (or nieces and nephews, or grandchildren, or young siblings, or cousins) tightly tonight. Please be thankful for them, every single day. Tell your family members and friends that you love them, always.

Here are the Photo-a-Day pictures that I'm catching up on in this post.

Day 11 - On the Shelf

Just one shelf in my ever-growing collection of books. This shelf concentrates on all things crafty, herbal, metaphysical, and spiritual.

Day 12 - Sweet

Hot cocoa that we bought for the potluck and never cracked open, so we've been slowly chipping away at it. It's very comforting to drink it in front of the Christmas lights.

Day 13 - 'Tis the Season

I do love my Crappy Tire! Speaking of them, I went there today and snagged three ornaments that were on clearance for 83 cents each. Well, it turned out they were even cheaper than that, so I paid a little over a dollar for all three of them! I got a fuzzy, felt green ball with coloured polka dots on it, and two glittery butterflies in pink and lavender.

Day 14 - B&W

Beautiful cards sent to me from two of my "heart sisters", Noelle and Catherine.

Day 15 - Something Yum

Having a very delicious treat (spiked with Kahlua!) after getting home from the cinema last night.

Today, Trevor and I officially finished our Christmas shopping. We were unable to send a box down to my family in Virginia, but we'll be working on that as soon as possible. It was pouring rain down out of a warm silver sky, which was still an improvement from last night after we finished seeing The Hobbit. It was below freezing then, very windy, and everything was covered in a very thin layer of ice when it was time for us to go home. Ack!

Can one learn to ice skate while wearing sneakers?

Solstice is coming. I definitely feel it now.

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