Sunday, December 9, 2012

Photo a Day - Catching up!

I've got to catch up for two days of my photo project! Trevor and I had our second-annual holiday party yesterday, and it was an even bigger hit than last year and everyone had a ton of fun. I love parties with our friends, and when they're during the holidays and everything's even more festive? That really makes for a memorable night.

With so many folks in our apartment, though, I feel emotionally drained. Tonight I'm going to smudge the house and get my new quartz point set in a central location to clear the energies in here.

As I am very tired still, I will leave you with a catch up on the photo a day project!

Day 8 - Shopping

Hubby was checking out my Amazon wishlist :)

Day 9 - Decorated

Are any of you doing a photo project -- or any other fun creative project -- this month? Have you done one recently? Share with me! :)

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