Thursday, February 21, 2013

Working on my Incredible Year workbook!

Spring is just around the corner already! Can I get a WOO-HOO?!?

This winter had me hibernating, reflecting, and being introspective. I've worked on my Incredible Year workbook and have been reading, crafting, drawing, and swapping on Swap-Bot. In my hibernation I've been dreaming up ideas for the things I want to create and share with the world. I've begun to do things on my 100 Things To Do This Year list...

Here is what I have accomplished so far in 2013 on my To Do List:

1 - Make an awesome 2013 workbook binder for myself.

Right on the inside is the table of contents, showing what's under each tab. "Goddess" is for my Incredible Year workbook as well as the rest of my personal discovery in 2013. "Trackers" include mood, fertility, monthlies, and how I feel before, during and after large solar flares.

2 - Go to a monster truck show.
We actually ended up doing this for our fourth anniversary in January! It was noisy as hell and a LOT of fun!

3 - Make pastel Christmas ornaments.
I'd been wanting to do this ever since I got my white tree last year and got absolutely obsessed with pastel decorations via my Pinterest. I've gotten SO many gorgeous ideas pinned to that board that I hardly know where to go next, so this strikethrough on the to-do list is only half-true. I'm not stopping with just these three ornaments!

I haven't yet put in their white thread hangers, but I bought these as plain wooden ornaments from DeSerres last month. I may end up adding more glitter because I'm not satisfied with how they look at the moment. But we'll see ;)

4 - Organize digital photo collection on my computer.
I felt so refreshed to get this done. All my photos are sorted into folders and sub-folders. For instance, I have a Family folder where photos of my family are sorted into sub-folders by name. I have a Nature album sorted by year and season. Special events or trips that have gotten TONS of photos get their own folders.

5 - Organize my digital scrapbooking stash.
This was a far more monumental task than my photos, but I completed it with a basic folder system separating kits by theme, and removing all alphas from their kits and placing them amongst all the others in my Alphas folder.

6 - Make a new e-mail address.
I have had silverhealer21 ever since I WAS 21. Eight years. It's been a sort of comfort to me, part of my identity, and not part of me that I wanted to change. But as I pawed through my Incredible Year workbook and knew I needed a huge refresher, a huge rejuvenation and newness in my life, I knew that that email address had to go. And so, wayfaring.dreams at gmail was born! :)

7 - Make my own Livejournal icons that really speak to me.
I've been using Livejournal as my intimate journal for years. Since 2004, to be precise. There are many communities and people there who make wonderful user icons, but I've never felt totally satisfied. So I downloaded icon texture packs, found some lovely images, and made my personal icons. One of these, of course, was my dear caribou spirit, and it is my default icon. I even changed my layout to a lovely, soft pink and I feel more at home on my Livejournal now!

8 - Make a 2013 Memory Jar.
Inspired by my lovely blogging friend Tina over at Sugar Bean Bakers, my MIL and I decided we really wanted to do one this year!

Click here to see Tina's 2012 jar, jammed full of wonderful memories throughout the year.

We call ours the Jar of Awesome Stuff, and it's already gotten quite a few Awesome Memories slipped inside! I keep forgetting to buy alphabet stickers to officially label our jar, but here it is anyway!

21 - Own a patchwork skirt.
I have seriously been obsessing over patchwork maxi skirts for ages, not sure if I should try to find one to buy or attempt to make one myself. Well, I was browsing through the wonderful store at The Rainforest Site and I gasped when I came across this fair trade beauty:

Recycled Sari Wraparound Skirt (two lengths) - $24.95

Made out of salvaged pieces of discarded Indian saris, this skirt recycles them into an entirely new and beautiful piece. The longer one, which is the one I purchased, is made of 100% recycled silk and is incredibly soft and light. I haven't gotten a chance to take a picture of it yet, but believe me, it is gorgeous!! It's very unique and I love to study the patterns in each square.

This kinda-sorta also made me reach 60 - Buy Fair Trade, but I didn't check off that in my workbook because I want to buy more fair trade this year to justify it!

92 - Do something that scares me.
I went to the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory with my friends Kent, Nicole and her brother Corey a couple weeks ago, and I steeled my nerve and held a scorpion. Followed by a tarantula.







My throat was dry and I felt sweat prickling my temples and the back of my neck, but I did it! I've gotta say, I felt pretty amazing afterwards!

Now it is time to go back into hibernation, in our wonderful dark, warm bedroom where my altar stands and our fan hums soft white noise, and dream again.

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