Thursday, August 8, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Day 3

30 day challenge

Hello lovelies! I'm a bit late in getting this posted, as I was out all day and then fell asleep pretty early (the consequence of which is that I'm now awake at 2:30am!).

I'm feeling a calling to change my blog name to better suit what's coming very soon down the road. I'm working on some creative projects and I need a fresh title. What do you think about that idea? Should I change it? Should I stay Sweet Maple?

Here is my answer to Day 3's prompt. The topic to write on today is a carry-on from yesterday.

"What’s your definition of freedom in business and adventure in life?"

I know I said I dream of opening a beautiful little store with purple walls, preferably in Kensington Market, but for me, total freedom in business would have it being online where I can always work from home or on the road. I wouldn't be tied down to a brick-and-mortar location, even though I can't ever see myself leaving the Toronto area.

I could travel across Canada in an RV if I wish, not worrying about getting to my job every single day, because it would be right in front of me on my laptop. Everything about my work is fluid and flexible, with tons of creative time.

I could check my schedule and smile.

I could work in a coffee shop, play in the woods, work in a car, create in a little blanket fort filled with lights.

I could say no to things that didn't suit me or my business.

I could say YES to things that enriched me or my business.

I have fewer belongings which can up and travel with me at any given time.

I would have more facetime with my children.

I would quit playing it safe, and let loose the wildness in my heart. I would be a succulent wild woman, the kind born right from one of Sark's lovely books. I would self-experiment and always seek new knowledge, understanding, and experience.

My anxiety would not cripple me as I set my own pace, style, and live my creative dreams of birthing my art babies into the world and inspiring people to live both amazingly and simply.

Freedom is always an option, and adventure is always all around you.

How does this resonate with you? I'd love to know!


Jeff Goebel said...

A lot to comment on. (1) Sweet Maple Life. Changing a blog name is like a marriage divorce or a tattoo. We enter into blogging as a permanent idea, and when we allow this to end or change, we're never the same.

Once you've done it once, you've opened up a new thought process that nothing is forever, and you feel like you can change it again and again. Marriage no longer means forever. I say keep it. Commit. Of course, this may seem silly. However, TWO blogs doesn't break any rules.

(2) I too have dreamed of the idea of an online career and/or income. It is freedom. Incoming money not tired to a location is a dream. Travel becomes possible.

The down side is that is also gives you the freedom to ignore it, and the extra work to make it profitable. An online business is a lot easier to ignore and a lot harder to make money from. You compare it to a store at Kensginton.

Day 1 you'd have an obligation to show up, open the doors and sell to customers who are eager to see your wares. Stresses include being polite, and dealing with browsers vs shoppers... but day 1 you probably see some money. BY day 30, you hope you see enough to cover the rent.

Online, you have no customers. You have unknown browsers maybe, but it's more like a store at the end of a dead end street. You have to work hard just to get people to find you. If you don't make sales, you have to work hard to keep it going. It's easy to ignore.

I have no answers. I can't find my own life solutions. I dream of opening online stores too... but doing nothing is soooo much easier (for me at least).

Just think. An online store isn't freedom. It's just a different kind of struggle. Life and work are not easy. That's why the rewards feel so good.

bleh said...

I agree with Jeff, generally.

In the end, your blog title is your brand. You can alienate and confuse people if you change it around. But, like a divorce or a tattoo, best to get it done early, before it's too late :P

As the game is now, if you want to open an online store, I have three words: Amazon, eBay, Etsy. Selling through them means that margins are lower because the competition is fierce but you can bring in money and establish a name while you build up your full site to a point that it shows up on Google. That said, for the kind of things I'd imagine you'd be selling, you'd probably do a lot of business through social media instead of search engines.

Basically, it's certainly plenty of work, but it is doable.

bleh said...

Also, I have no idea why my name is "bleh". It's Jonno :P