Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stila Jewel Lip Glaze Review

So I won a $50 gift card from dBeauty Junkie's Blogmania giveaway a couple weeks ago, and I placed my first-ever Sephora order. I feel kind of lame for never having ordered from them before, especially when it seems like EVERYBODY owns at least five products by Smashbox, Benefit, Urban Decay, Stila, Tarte, or what have you. One of the things I ordered was the limited edition Jewel Lip Glaze Trio by Stila, which was on sale for a fraction of its value of $66.

The description refers to these as "a trio of glistening, jewel-infused glosses".

"Glistening" is a tad misleading. Try "sparklier than a Forks vampire". Now that's not a bad thing, unless you dislike that and are more into less dramatic looks. The stock image doesn't show the intense sparkle very well. I like lots of sparkle, so these glosses are my favourites right now!

Even this pic doesn't really capture the multi-faceted sparkle, but it does show the glosses' true warmth as compared to the stock photo which makes them look cold.

Swatched on my inner forearm. Sorry for the mediocre pic, but it's very difficult to capture the beauty of these glosses. I have pink-undertoned skin, by the way.

Here's my take on the products.

Amethyst - Dark, dramatic plum with gold and pink sparkle. This one can be put on sheer and can work for dead-white gals like me, and it can be built up and made much darker. This colour probably looks amazing with an olive skintone.

Golden Topaz - A GORGEOUS medium gold with multicolour sparkle. It looks great alone or over a lipstick. The sparkle isn't as intense as it is in the other two, and it's my fave of the three.

Pink Diamond - By far the most striking of the three, as you can tell from the swatch photo. It's a VIVID icy-pink with pink sparkle. Very bold.

Application: I've never been fond of "dial-up" style brush pens where I can't control the gloss. If I accidentally dial up two times too many, the gloss can come flowing out. That could lead to product waste, so be careful when dialing the bottoms of these pens. The glosses are not sticky or waxy whatsoever. Amethyst and Pink Diamond are a teesny bit gritty because of the sparkle. Re-applying is as normal for me as for other glosses, though the tiny glitter sticks around after the gloss itself fades.

Conclusion: So, if you've been thinking about buying these glosses and are a fan of glitter, then you NEED these glosses. Not even kidding. They're only $16 right now for the set, and you can snap them up here. If you're not a fan of this much sparkle, then I recommend you pass these up in favour of Stila's regular line of Lip Glaze.


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