Thursday, October 21, 2010

Chillin' and Waitin'


One of my fellow applicants has FINALLY received her visa today and will be landing as a Canadian resident tomorrow. You can read her blog here, which is full of important information regarding Canadian immigration.

I'm so overjoyed for her that I'm crying. Yes, right at this instant. It might sound silly, because I don't even know her in real life, or really outside Road to Canada, but she's been so fearful and worried (feelings shared by all of us current applicants) and I know that she's soaring sky-high right now.

I prayed so hard that all of us May & June applicants would get residency. So far, we all have, though I'll be the last one to land since I delayed in paying the RPRF (Right to Permanent Residence Fee). But I don't mind; I'm just chillin' and waitin', getting stuff taken care of and tying up the loose ends here.

No more uncertainty.
No more fear.
No more anxiety.
No more being separated from her husband.
A new chapter has begun, and freedom has been attained.

I can't wait until I can take my place among the landed residents.

However, I firmly believe that there was a reason I was supposed to be here for as long as I've been, and others have told me the same thing. Helping Mom take care of Dad when he was so ill... being with Dad in his final days and hours... keeping Mom motivated to get up every morning... It was very hard for me to understand my own strife at first, but after we lost Dad, I slowly began to see the big picture.

These last seventeen months have been an emotional roller coaster that I hope to never, ever experience again in my lifetime. But this roller coaster has made me into a better person, stronger than I would have ever imagined, and it's even strengthened my faith and my marriage.

Immigration isn't for the faint of heart.


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Bursts of Bubbles said...

I can understand how it feels as my husband is from outside the UK. I waited 6 months for him to get a visa to come over, then 2 years later had to apply for a permanent visa and now we're looking into a british passport, its just paper work, waiting, money.... they are trying to make it harder for people to come here which they don't realise the stress/anxiety they put people through. Its even hard getting a job as people look at expiring dates etc... I hope everything works out fine for you