Saturday, October 16, 2010

I Love Your Blog

I admit that I got a tad confused as to who, exactly, were my partners in this swap. I apologize to my partners for the confusion! I'm now including buttons and details to ALL FOURTEEN wonderful bloggers, from those who I sent links to and those who sent links to me! It's a blog party!!!

If you have never heard of Swap-Bot, I definitely recommend giving them a try. You can find all kinds of nice folks and fun swaps to take part in! There are even e-swaps, which I've been having a blast with! Right now there is a great swap called I Love Your Blog, and it's coordinated by Jexyland. Here I get to check out other people's awesome blogs, and they get to check out mine! Here are my partners and coordinator!

Jex's blog is lovely! I love all the tutorials on her blog and her sweet personality in her posts. There is the cutest tutorial for a DIY pincushion and I have to try it!

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Only in Cambodia is a very interesting blog full of articles, memories, and photos of The blogger's love for the country reminds me of my love for Canada =) After reading a few posts, I feel as though I've actually been to Cambodia.

Memories Through Quilting
Vicki of Memories Through Quilting has a really nice blog here! I love seeing her quilts progress! Quilting is something that I would really like to get into one day, and I am inspired!

Keeping Up with the Joneses is a great blog (and VERY purple, yay!!) that shares bits and pieces of the blogger's life and what she does. Kimberly also shares giveaways as well as a GREAT booklet on scrapbooking tips, and more!

*She's Crafty She's Just my Type... By Amberingz*
Amber's blog is simply lovely! I love the whimsical chic projects she creates, including fanciful rings that I am in LOVE with! She has an Etsy shop here, go check it out. I love blogs with lots of pictures & projects and this is no exception :)

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Rachel is a homeschooling mom (and I have deep respect for homeschooling parents!!) who shares the trials and triumphs of this special job as well as motherhood. She's also a crafter, hooray!!

Amber is a SAHM who loves to read! She has good book reviews on her blog as well as tidbits about her life. She's also a writer and a gamer, which get two thumbs up from me! :)

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This is a fun, newer blog! Not only does it have purple in it, it has some neat projects that Cassandra has done. She also shares fascinating photos of life in general. I love the tiny pincushions she made with fabric and itty bitty coloured pails!

I love MissMuffincake! She's a vegan crafter and shares some great recipes, product reviews, and more. I can't wait to read more of her blog.

Kim's blog is full of cute!! I love the adorable plushies she makes, as well as all the fun and interesting tidbits about this vibrant redhead's life. She also posts some really cute finds & links, so don't miss out if you're a lover of all things kawaii!

* Erica Lee *
Erica's blog is a wonderful concoction of fashion and fashion advice, beauty, and inspiration. I love all of the deep posts that provoke thought and consideration in me, giving me a new perspective on relationships, life, creativity, and even my wardrobe!

Hayley's gorgeously pink blog is loaded with great giveaways, reviews, and all the bits 'n pieces of a mama bear's life.

A relatively new blog, Crea Bloempje666 is a lovely page full of creativity!! I really love the purses she's made for swaps and such, and she also has a Dutch webshop here that you just have to check out!!

This lovely blog focuses mainly on book reviews. These in-depth reviews are very helpful for those (including myself) considering a novel but unsure of whether to actually buy it or not! I love the simplistic but beautiful style of this blog.


americanimmigrant said...

I want to join this! :) I'd love to have more blog partners, even though my blog is pretty new.

Jex said...

Thank you very much for your kind words, and thanks for join to my swap at the first place!!

If you are going to try the pincushion, I´d love to see the pics =)

Hugs from Mexico!!

Ron Cooper said...

Hi there,

Thanks for visiting my blog, "Inspire!" and your nice comment. You have a neat blog. Following you now!

HayleyK said...

Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you on the compliments on my blog! I'm nearly blushing ;-)