Friday, April 29, 2011

Ontario Spring

Wow! Sorry I have been so lax with updating, my friends. We've been getting some crazy weather lately, but I think it's finally warming up for good. It hit 24*C the other day! We had a pretty nasty line of thunderstorms that produced tornadoes move through on the same day. Here are some pics!

Right after I took this pic, my vision was filled with blinding white. I was back indoors before the crack of thunder even happened, LOL

This was after I went back down into our apartment. It was actually beginning to lighten up, here! The wind got up to 110km/h and scared me for a little while as I stared outside. But fortunately we didn't get the worst of it, and the storm moved on after a few minutes.

In other news, I FINALLY got the bank statement I was waiting for. Now I can finally go apply for OHIP and be able to find a doctor :) I'm trying to start up a Scrap 4 Hire business, which will be soon detailed on my digiscrapping blog, and we're fostering a litter of four kittens. Exciting times in the life of a new immigrant, eh? :)

Have a great weekend! Hopefully next weekend I'll have a bit of a review for the Brittania Pub & Grill here in Thornhill, so stay tuned!


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