Monday, April 11, 2011

Toronto Adventures Part 1

Yesterday Trevor, myself, his mom, and her boyfriend went to the ComiCON Annual Fan Appreciation Day convention in downtown Toronto. It was held in the Metro Convention Centre and was supposed to be a small taste of what August's Fan Expo will be like. I had never been to a convention before, and I really enjoyed it! I saw lots of folks (including children) dressed up as various characters, such as anime girls and guys, Doctor Who, Darth Maul, The Flash, Catwoman, etc. I browsed the artist tables several times, watching them draw and trying to decide if I should buy a print or not. I finally ended up buying this one while Trevor bought a really cool Transformers print.

After a couple hours, Trevor's mom and her boyfriend decided to go celebrate their one-year anniversary by going to Lonestar to eat. Wanting to give them some time alone, Trevor declined the offer for us to accompany them, and we went our separate ways. Trevor and I left the building, discovering that the severe thunderstorm weather of that morning had drifted eastward. The air smelled salty and fresh, almost like the ocean. As the clouds cleared and the sun burst forth with blue skies, the temp quickly rose to something like 18*C.

Trevor guided me around, showing me the historic railyard area and letting me take as many photos as I wanted. Then he decided to show me Harbourfront and later Dundas Square, neither of which I had seen before with my own eyes.

I was so excited, I was practically shaking. I felt like a kid being taken to new places. As much as I love Toronto, I've seen so little of it, and there's nothing like spontaneous adventures to get me going. People probably tagged me as a tourist just by how giddy I was! LOL

After we explored Harbourfront, Trevor guided me into the Queen's Quay where we rode a glass elevator to an upper floor to the food court. We sat at a series of big windows overlooking the lake and the boats while we ate gyros and falafel. Then it was off to the subway to go see Dundas Square and the Eaton Centre, both of which I was highly impressed by!

I can't say enough how grateful I am to my husband. He is so sweet... sometimes TOO sweet to me. I wasn't particularly feeling well after the convention because of my anxiety disorder, and Trevor picked up on that and decided to "fix" it. He knew how badly I'd been wanting to explore downtown. Of course, that was just a taste of it and we will explore MUCH more this spring and summer, but we went home with me feeling incredibly satiated and wonderful.

Here are some of the photos I took!

Part of Union Station that connects to the Sky Walk.

Tomorrow I'll post the rest of the photos from Harbourfront and Dundas Square :)

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Wonderful photos...thanks for sharing!