Friday, July 13, 2012

Accessory Post #1!

I'm a girl who's obsessed with accessories, and even more so now that I'm FINALLY developing a sense of style (I haven't possessed style since I was thin; I'm pretty overweight right now, even though I'm losing pounds, and I've been too ashamed of my body to dress it nicely). This is going to be the first of many posts showing off fun accessories I've acquired!

Ardene, a Canadian store that's quite similar to Claire's (which we also have here), has these really neat "surprise bags" that are 2 for $5. Each bag contains five pieces of jewellery or hair accessories. They also have 2 for $8 surprise bags that have tank tops, scarves, etc. in them, but right now I prefer the smaller bags!

Contents of Surprise Bags from July 11th:

The two necklaces, which are from Ardene's Glam line, are SO dang pretty! I need to hang them and photograph them again because they just don't look right here. The lip glosses are nice and shimmery, with subtle scents; the darker pink smells like strawberries. They're really sticky, but they're great to throw in my purse and touch up my lips.

Contents of Surprise Bags from July 12th:

The only thing I don't like about surprise bags is the hairties I so frequently get, but that's only because my hair is too short for them! I just pass them on to friends with longer hair :) The two black & white things on the far left are sunglasses cords, which I'm not sure I'll use! I love how both bags coincidentally have a black & white theme going on!

Ardene also had hair accessories 5 for $10, so I picked up some hair flowers.

They add some brightness to my current collection of hair flowers...

I think I'll start posting my style looks every now and then. I think it will motivate me to stop being lazy and dress more nicely!

In other news... it's my birthday weekend! Wow!! Saturday we're heading to a festival on Bloor and possibly the Stoufville Country Market, so I should really get to bed and get some sleep. Night!

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