Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Life and Canada Day

Happy July, y'all! Sorry for my lack of updating. I'm not a very good blogger.

Speaking of blogs, I don't like how all of mine are separate, yanno? I have this one, a makeup/fashion one, a digital scrapbooking one, and I was considering a whole new one for weight loss. I can't seem to keep up with them. So my solution is to make this an everything blog and include fashion, makeup fun, and my weight loss journey on Sweet Maple Life, and get rid of my other blogs (except the digital scrapbooking one, which will still stand on its own).

Time to play catch up! To celebrate my second Canada Day as a permanent resident, we went to our friend Jeff's hometown of Glen Williams for their patriotic parade. We sat on the curb of the bridge that spans the Credit River, and after the parade was done, we explored the festivities, had tiger tail ice cream (thanks Jeff!), and Geocached. Then we drove to Missisauga for their ribfest!

Here's a little bit about Glen Williams: click!

Now... on to some pics!

My Canada nails!

The Geocache we found, bringing Elisa's (my MIL) total of discovered/logged caches to 8 and mine to 7!

I couldn't resist buying some really cute jewellery at the Canada Day parade booths. The pink star necklace was a dollar, the blue heart bracelet and necklace came as a set for $2, and the rose pendant was $8.

Here I am in my appropo red and white, posed in front of nail polish. Elisa and I have a bad habit of discovering the nail polish WHENEVER we go ANYWHERE with Jeff, so he just had to take a picture.

Driving through Ontario farmland to Missisauga...

Mmm, ribfest.

We were so tired after we got home that Trevor and I zonked out for several hours and slept through any local fireworks that we might have gone out to see. Oops. :)

The 4th was my nephew Gage's fifth birthday. The vicious derecho that swept through the Great Lakes and mid-Atlantic whalloped Virginia, knocking out power everywhere. Gage did get to go see fireworks, at least! I really miss that kid. He's my little buddy who is quickly growing up.

On the 9th, my mom went under the knife for a triple bypass. It was a very risky operation because her health and heart had deteriorated rapidly, and they discovered a faulty valve and had to repair that, but she came through it and they were able to remove the ventilator yesterday afternoon! They were concerned that it would be difficult to get her off the vent, as she has emphysema on top of everything else. I'm being updated frequently by my sister and I'm so very happy to know how well Mom is progressing. It's a near miracle.

Well, that's all for now. More soon, my friends! *hugs and light*

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