Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 Days of Thanksvember - Day 11

Today I am thankful for all the adventures we've had with our friend Jeff this summer and fall.

We've been so busy, which has been wonderful! I've seen and been to places I've never gone before. I've seen more of Ontario. I've seen more of my shining Toronto. I've been to lots of flea markets, hidden gems in downtown Toronto, fun rib fests, and more. I've been distracted when Trevor was out of work and I was in my deepest stage of depression yet.

And I've got some awesome memories of an amazing couple of seasons.

Here are some highlights!

Ancaster Fall Fair, October

Cheltenham Badlands, October

Toronto from the Centre Island ferry, July

Centre Island, July

St. Lawrence Market, June

St. Jacob's, June

Georgian Bay on the Bruce Peninsula, August

Tobermory, August

Dorcas Bay's shallow waters into Lake Huron, August

Glen Williams Canada Day Parade, July

Big on Bloor, July

Scarborough Bluffs, August

Niagara Falls, October


Sabz said...

mary! i love all these photos! so good!

new follower! :D

Jo Lane said...

Beautiful Pics!!! I am following back! Looking forward to your blog posts! :)

Melissa said...

Looks like you have had a fabulous year full of adventures. :)


Debbie Mitchell said...

Wow, fantastic photos!! :) Want you to know that I absolutely love your posts. Love ya

bungaalangalang said...

Nice photos!
aww..wanna go there >_<

bungaalangalang on swap-bot Follow me #8

Katrina Alana said...

I always wanted to visit Ontario. Thanks for sharing!

Rosa said...

I love these photos! I can't wait to go Canada now :)