Monday, November 12, 2012

Ardene Surprise Bags!

This is just a short post for now, lovelies, but I haven't been able to do a Surprise Bag post in a long time and I love to show off their contents!

Ardene stores have a bin that contain small blue surprise bags, full of jewellery and hair accessories, for $5 for two bags. In an adjacent bin, they have big pink bags full of clothing accessories, two for $8. I decided to get two of the pink bags since I hadn't in so long!


1 scarf
1 winter toque (this is too small for my huge head, so I'm going to donate it to the next Really Really Free Market day)
1 pair of super-soft, thin fleece gloves - Black. These are surprisingly warm!
1 pair of sunglasses - Floral print
2 pairs of socks


1 scarf
1 winter toque
1 pair of super-soft, thin fleece mittens that are SERIOUSLY cozy!
1 pair of sunglasses - Bright yellow-green
2 pairs of socks

Ardene and Claire's both cater to teen girls, but I love them both and always manage to find really cute and stylish things there. Ardene's Surprise Bags are just one of many deals that keep me coming back for more. They usually have scarves 2 or 3 for $15, cute flats and heels 2 for $20, jewellery and hair stuff 3 or 5 for $10, socks 3 for $10... the list goes on!

I also got three pairs of knee socks to wear with my fall boots:

The grey pair is my favourite and you can see me wearing them here:

I need to start posting outfits wearing all these cute things! :)


Breanna said...

How fun is that? I have never heard of them!

Amanda said...

These are so cool!! You got such cute stuff in your bags!! Love your blog, followed!! (:

<3 Amanda,