Wednesday, November 28, 2012

30 Days of Thanksvember - Day 28

As I only have two days left of Thanksvember, I will finish this month off in continued gratitude. Today it's very hard to. It's so damn hard that I'm light-headed and feel like I'm going to pass out.

After we all let Mom go, told her to go in peace and to leave this broken earthly avatar, that we would all be okay and would forever honour her, she slipped away and died this morning.

She died exactly how she wanted to: peacefully, painlessly, filled with the intense love of her family. Debbie (bio mom) had a long talk with her last night, telling her she could go be with Dad and the rest of our family that have gone on before. As she left the room, she had the sensation of many people rushing past her. Our family was coming to meet Mom.

Late last night I was meditating, sending out all my thoughts to her. I don't know if it was possible for them to reach her or anything like that, but the last thing I thought to her was: "I release you to Dad".

She'd been ready to go for a long time, but I think she was hanging on because we all wanted so badly for her to get better.

I can just imagine her great joy right now, freed from all physical limitations and suffering, rejoined with her loved ones on a plane of super-existence that we can't even begin to imagine. Knowing that she is with Dad is a huge, huge comfort to me.

Me, Mom, and my biological mother made up the Triple Goddess in the flesh.

And we will always be this sacred trifecta, even though Mom is no longer with is in body.

For this trifecta I am endlessly thankful.

The three of us have been together my entire life, which not everyone can say about both of their mothers, even if it's within family like ours is.

Mom always wanted us to move on. I'm going to turn on my beautiful Christmas tree so hopefully her spirit can see it. Like I said yesterday, Christmas was her favourite time of year, and she always wanted a big white tree like what I have. She would be so glad to see it.

I am thankful.


Lizelle said...

omg Mary i am so so sorry for your loss, this post almost brought me to tears. I've been following you so long (since LJ) i almost feel like i know her, even though i of course don't...

You're so brave to be able to pen these thought so soon after.

Blessings to you and your family!

Aarti Wong said...

Hi dear so sorry to hear about your loss. May you find peace and hope.

rtwong (Follow Me 8)