Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thanksvember - Days 29 and 30

Day 29 - I am so thankful for support.

I've received countless messages, phone calls, and comments since my mom passed away. I have so many wonderful friends and family members who care for me deeply, and many with their own memories of Mom and their own shared grief. And yesterday, Trevor's manager made him stay home with me, which I desperately needed.

I don't think I could have gotten through the past two days without all this support, comfort, positive light and prayers buoying me above the darkness.

My mom's obituary can be found here. Her picture should be added sometime today.

It was my mom's wishes to be cremated, her ashes mingled with my dad's and eventually freed over the Atlantic Ocean, which she dearly loved. This funeral home will mix the ashes for us. My biomom wants to get some of the ashes divided into small vials or other containers so that each family member can have Mom and Dad with them. A private memorial service will be held later on and filmed for family members who can't be there.

My husband wishes to take our vial of ashes of my parents around Toronto and Canada, since they never got to adventure with me. Mom and I always talked about her getting healthier and her taking a train or plane up here to see all the things I've told her about.

One thing that Mom kept saying over and over to anyone who would listen? "I'm so thankful that Mary has Trevor."

She knew I would be okay, even before we told her she was free to go join Dad.

And I will be okay. I will have bad days, and good days, and all the days in-between. I miss her so much. But think of the joy and pure love and light she is experiencing right now! I am not sad for her at all. I'm just sad for me and the rest of us left behind in her wake.

I am thankful to everyone who has supported me.

Now, I know I'd said that Day 30 was going to be a bit special, but my heart isn't in it, unfortunately, so it's going to be toned down a tad.

Day 30 - I am thankful for Leonie Dawson.

Leonie Dawson is a mentor to women wanting to create + grow massively successful and heart-centered creative + soulful businesses. She is also an author, retreat leader, visual artist, mama and guide for the tens of thousands who receive her free “SHINE IN YOUR LIFE + BIZ” ezine each week.

Leonie has taught alongside such luminaries as Arielle Ford, Julia Cameron, Gay Hendricks and SARK. Her client list includes successful shining women such as Rolling Stone Woman of the Year, singer-songwriter & “Offspring” actress Clare Bowditch to Australia’s Fat Loss Queen Kat Loterzo, master manifesting coach Denise Duffield-Thomas and best-selling author & crystal healing mega star Stephanie Hibiscus Moon.

Her strategic musings and practical wisdom have been featured on Problogger, Tiny Buddha, magazines like Spellcraft, Life Images, Goddess and Spheres, and in three of SARK’s best-selling books on creative fulfillment & freedom.

Purposeful, passionate & unendingly prolific, Leonie published her first book at 22, held her first solo art exhibition at 23, began leading women’s circles the same year, created her first retreat at 25, launched the Goddess Circle — a subscription-based women’s art, soul + biz community — at 27, and has guided thousands of women through transformational experiences over the past 3 years. She’s also released 5 e-courses — including her signature workshop for entrepreneurs, Become A Business Goddess program — 4 meditation kits and 2 workbooks into the digital ether. Her latest book “73 Lessons Every Goddess Must Know” shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller list.

In the process, she has created a half million dollar a year company that doubles in size each year and helps thousands of women every single year. Her mission is to help as many earth angels – women with creative or spiritual gifts – to have profoundly profitable businesses so they may nourish themselves and heal the world.

Previously, Leonie has worked as editor of the Australian Government’s business website which garnered a United Nations award during her time there. She has also previously worked in Minister’s Offices at Parliament House and as a legal secretary. Leonie was formerly a top-achieving economics + art history student at Australian National University before dropping out to become a successful artist.

Leonie has walked labyrinths in the moonlight, wept atop mountains in the middle of a storm, danced with a baby in an old cow shed as a Filipino tribal chief sang, and once married herself in a public commitment ceremony — witnessed by goddess maidens of honor that she’d met on the Internet.

Best-selling author of “Succulent Wild Woman” SARK has called Leonie “a gifted goddess and illuminated creator. I happily recommend her and her lilting work.” Hay House author of “Oracle Tarot”, Lucy Cavendish has said “Leonie Dawson is an amazing artist and spiritual teacher. She’s inspiring, wise, kind and oh-so-talented.”

Pretty much everything she's done has made a positive impact on my life. I would LOVE to meet her one day. She is so full of life, love, and light; so much so that it just radiates from her every pore and especially from her brilliant blue eyes. I may not know her in person (I wish I did!), but she is a mentor to me and a huge, huge inspiration.

You can find her on Twitter @Leonie_Dawson, Facebook & at her blog

I am so thankful for her dancing right into my life, wild mermaid hair (which she's since changed to a pixie cut) flowing in the Australian rainforest wind.

Thanksvember has taught me a lot in gratitude, happiness, and simple pleasures. Finding something to be thankful for every single day has been a joy, and I'm glad that you all were here to share the ride with me.

Thank you, beautiful souls!

Tomorrow (or possibly late tonight) I have a brand-new digital scrapbooking kit to share with you all. It's FREE, just like all of my kits! It's also Christmas themed! :) Stay tuned!

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