Monday, November 5, 2012

30 Days of Thanksvember - Day 5

Today I am thankful for relief from the Suckies.

The Suckies are unwelcome visitors that make me feel depressed, more anxious than usual, lethargic, and just plain miserable. They make my mood sour and my day or evening bad. They silently took away time that I could have spent joyously crafting or feeling good. I don't have a GO AWAY sign on my mind's front door. I don't have a deadbolt. The Suckies just come right in when I least expect it, gleefully stripping me of all positivity.

Sure, sometimes they have triggers. Sometimes they don't. I never knew how to deal with them until reading this year's Goddess Guidebook from Leonie Dawson. She gave tips on how to combat the Suckies, having you come up with ways of replacing the negativity with serenity and comfort.

So how do I fend them off?

I write in my journal. Getting all the feelings and thoughts out on paper often helps quite a bit. I enjoy curling up on the couch with my slippers, a fleece blanket, and often the tv on while I jot things down.

I drink a nice cup of coffee or tea. Extra happiness if I have a nice liquid creamer!

I take a nap. 'Nuff said! I usually wake up more energized and cheerful.

I go pamper myself. I keep a stock of yummy face and hair masks, lotions, body scrubs, cooling undereye patches, and nail care in the bathroom cupboards. While I'm obsessed with body lotions and mists (I'm looking at you, Bath & Body Works!), I save my most favourites for chasing away the Suckies. After that's all done and I feel like a new person, I doll up my fingernails and toenails in one of my fave polishes.

I go outside for five minutes. Reconnecting with the earth and wind clears the cobwebs and brightens things up, even if it's grey and cold outside.

This evening I did three of those things, and I feel a lot better now. Even with Cipralex and all the other ways I aid my mind in overcoming these illnesses, the Suckies do strike. I'm grateful that I know how I can beat them.


Debbie Mitchell said...

Great ideas!! Love you <3

Mindy Bowman said...

Ha! Ha! I've never heard them called that but that is exactly what they are! And you're right, they take a lot away from you! :)

Mindy @ New Equus