Monday, November 5, 2012

Beauty from the Earth Swatches

Beauty from the Earth, home of work hard to meet customer satisfaction with their excellent customer service and amazing products. Specializing in mineral makeup, their products are silky-smooth and deliver fantastic, vivid colour and quality. I'm very familiar with their products, and they are a company I come back to again and again.

My favourite part about BFTE is their Color of the Week (COTW) special. For $6, you get a full-size colour that's been selected that week, plus three sample jars of your choice. That's a good deal given that full-size shadows are $6.50 each and sample jars are $2 each!

Another great grab are their Get the Look Mini Collections, several of which are in my wish list!

Today I have four colours to tell you about. A few weeks ago, the colour Atomic Teal (linked below) was the COTW, but it took me ages to remember to post about it and the sample jars I got! :)

Very top: sample baggie of Spank Me
Top right: Atomic Teal
Top left: Winter Blues
Bottom right: Poison Ivy
Bottom left: Dragon Slayer

It looks like the colour Poison Ivy may have been discontinued, as it's no longer listed on the site. I wish I had ordered it as the COTW when I could, because I just love it! :(

Anywho, on to the swatches! All are applied on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance. I'm hoping to get some Liquid Lustre soon to create a better foiled look for my swatches and eye looks.

Top Row: Applied wet
Middle: Applied dry
Bottom Row: Applied wet on top of NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil

Far left: Atomic Teal
2nd from left: Poison Ivy
Middle: Winter Blues
2nd from right: Dragon Slayer
Far right: Spank Me

Atomic Teal
Blackened teal. This colour is intense and sparkly no matter how you apply it! It has awesome coverage and great shimmer. This is truly the perfect teal.

Poison Ivy
Golden-green with golden shimmer. This is such a gorgeous green and would look fabulous paired with Dragon Slayer!

Winter Blues
The site describes this colour as navy blue, but I find that it really shows up as navy when applied wet on top of the Milk eye pencil. It is simply GORGEOUS. The picture really doesn't do it justice, but the one on the site does. It's LOADED with gold sparkle and shine!

Dragon Slayer
Intense, metallic shimmering gold. This colour is one of my new faves! Like Atomic Teal, it has great coverage no matter how you apply it, although applying it wet gives the most dramatic effect.

Spank Me
Deep, shimmering wine. The shimmer isn't much, but it has a gorgeous pinkish metallic sheen when applied wet. It's a little difficult to apply evenly and ends up a little streaky. That could just be me, though.

Overall, I give BFTE a 5/5 rating. I've never had a problem with Crystal or the company's products. The site is easy to navigate, the prices are great, and shipping to Canada has dropped from $5 to $3 and arrives here a lot faster than it used to! :) If you haven't checked BFTE out already, I highly recommend them!

(Day 5 gratitude post to come later!)

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My daughter would love the dragon slayer but she loves anything dragon related:) Thanks for linking up to the NOBH