Wednesday, November 7, 2012

30 Days of Thanksvember - Day 7

Today I am thankful for all the felines in my life, whether they are past friends, current furbabies, or the sweet fosters we love until forever homes are found for them.

We've been fostering kittens since early 2008. We've had so many wonderful furbabies pass through our house, and all of them have gone on to forever homes after growing in a house full of love, nurturing, and play. Our permanent brood consists of five: Spike, Teddy, Ash, Weebles, and Zeddy. They are all foster failures, meaning that we couldn't resist them and adopted them! :) Spike and Teddy are brothers, and Ash and Zeddy are also related. They all bring us laughter, relief from sadness, and unconditional affection.

My baby, Spike. He likes to knead my flesh and burp quite loudly.


Ash. His story was that he was found to have an end-stage heart murmur and was not expected to live, so he was unadoptable. We were told to keep him comfortable and happy until he died. Well, four years later and his heart murmur is undetectable and he's a very healthy adult!

Zeddy. This quiet, sweet fellow kind of walked right in from outside and claimed us as his own. We named him after our dear old Zed, a black cat who passed away from renal failure a couple months earlier.

Our only girl, Weebles, who was born with a mild case of cerebellar hypoplasia.

Teddy, Weebles, Zeddy, and Spike piled up on our bed! This is why I can never get the darn thing made in the morning!

Zeddy and Ash (right) pictured with three of our fosters from 2011. All cats in this photo are related. We had a feral female around the neighbourhood who was birthing all these guys, and we FINALLY trapped, spayed, and released her this year :) She still comes to our house for food twice a day.

2012 foster Bunny taking a snooze.

2011 foster, Bazinga, playing with the Christmas tree. She was another child from the feral mother I mentioned above.

Colleen, our first bottle baby and beloved by all corners of the rescue community. She was very dear to our hearts and we still miss her, but she's having a great life with Bazinga and a very doting "mom"! :)

Sinatra, one of our two current fosters and a bottle-fed kitten :)

Here are two of my beloved kitties back in Virginia. The black one is Minerva and the orange was Ginny. Sadly, Ginny passed away in 2006, and after I came back to Canada, my mom's health rapidly declined and she could no longer take care of the cats, so they were adopted out to loving homes.

And because I mentioned him, here is our dear Zed, who passed away in November 2010.

I could go on all night, sharing pictures and stories, but I wouldn't want to slow your computers down! LOL

I am so thankful for these furry creatures. I have had at least one cat in my life since I can remember, and I want it to stay that way forever.


Debbie Mitchell said...

Beautiful <3

Anonymous said...

They are all so precious!

Gwen said...

A lotta cats!! :)

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Hi I'm following you from swapbot.Oh I love all your cats.I have 2 (don't think I could cope with any more !! )It must cost you a fortune feeding all of them

Anna said...

What beautiful cats! I just have one, and would love to have more, but he just refuses to get along with any other kitties. The big pest!

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