Tuesday, April 30, 2013


This year is my first Beltane, and I love the whole fertility aspect of this sabbat, even though I've never been pregnant. Because I haven't found a group to participate with, I'll be alone this time. But that's okay.

It will be a subtle day of festivity for me. I'll walk in the woods, drink some strawberry wine, and eat sweet strawberries (which are associated with both Beltane and creativity). Since fertility is creating life, I'll also be creating life in art.

My altar hasn't changed much; it's now full of a cluster of brightly coloured candles, and a besom I made specifically for the sabbat.

The little broom has been in my MIL's craft stash for about twenty years. I dressed it up and thought the knotted heart charm was appropriate. I knotted the ribbon three times to follow the rule of threes :)

Need ideas for Beltane decorations? Check out this post at The Witch of Howling Creek for inspiration!


AnNa said...

what an interesting post :) Thank you for sharing!

Kallan Kennedy said...

I hope you totally loved your first Beltane!! Blessings of the Summer Season to you and yours!