Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recent Swaps and My Weekend

So I promised I would post on the weekend, but that just didn't happen! Surprise, surprise ;)

As you, my readers, probably know, Trevor and I had a simple civil ceremony four years ago. We wanted to get the legal stuff out of the way so we could apply for my permanent residence, and we always planned to have a bigger event later for family and friends who couldn't attend the civil ceremony. Well, things just kept getting in the way, like me having to return to Virginia for eighteen months and for seemingly constant financial hurdles to be overcome, and we kept postponing the bigger event.

Now that event will finally be happening at the end of June! I can't tell you how excited I am that it's actually coming to pass! :)

Trevor and I never got a stag and doe before our wedding. In anticipation of our event, Trevor's and my male friends took him out for one helluva stag night on Saturday. A limosine and plenty of booze and games at Dave & Buster's! The girls are planning my doe night for sometime in June, but my close friends Liat and Alora didn't want me feeling left out anyway, so they had me come over and party with them all night! We were joined by two other close friends, one of whom is Liat's sister, and we had a truly amazing time.

We made two homemade pizzas loaded with tons and tons of toppings. I've never eaten so much cheese in my life! This first pizza was supposed to be *ahem* inappropriately shaped, but after it rose in the oven it just looked like a blob. A delicious, cheesy, pepperoni-laden blob.

Later, we divulged in sweets and junk food, tons of tea, and movies.

Liat, Alora and I all draw like our lives depend on it, so we did a lot of that as well. We finally went to bed once the sun rose!

Having quality girl time is something I never had growing up, which is what made me so darn awkward around other females until recently. It's a very liberating and therapeutic thing to have, and I will never again allow my anxiety to prevent it. It was my second time hanging out with just my female friends, without Trevor or any of the guys being present. And there's going to be much more of it in the coming weeks. I need time with my goddesses.

I wanted to show off some of the wonderful swaps I have received in the past couple of months. Swap Bot is one heck of an amazing site and I've met some amazing ladies there. I've learned new crafts and skills which I will be talking about in near-future posts. Here are the goodies!

Handmade notecards with envelopes, and a handmade watercolour journal!

Two of the winter zines I received in a recent swap. Google "zines"; you won't regret it!

This was supposed to just be a penpal letter, but my partner went crazy and spoiled me with things I love, such as zebra print, kawaii letters, and dolphins!

An ATC swap for artistic interpretations of alcoholic drinks... :)

UFO dotee and goodies from Postcardpeggy, a friend of mine...

For a swap called "Happy Mail Every Month"... and it sure was! :)

Tea, what my partner loves about Canada, and extra goodies!

Just fabulous!! I love getting these wonderful things in the mail and I love all my partners! :)

See you all soon! I will be posting about smash books and journals and how I am totally obsessed with them...!

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Debbie Mitchell said...

Gosh, I love swap bot too!! I am so glad you are spending time with your girls!! <3 Love ya bunches