Friday, April 19, 2013

I'm not dead...!

Yes, friends and readers, I'm alive! :) I've spent the last month doing swaps on Swap-Bot, art, healing mentally, and looking for a job. No luck in that last front, but hopefully soon.

Spring has finally arrived here in southern Ontario. We had possible tornado damage around Newmarket last night, and lots and lots of rain. The grass is emerald-green, the robins are singing, trees have big fat buds, and the restaurants have their patios ready. I love this precious season so much, and it never seems to last very long.

I've gotten a few more things done in my 100 Things to Do This Year list...!

To refresh, here is the original post about the list.

Complete my 1st gratitude diary.

Writing down five gratitudes per day not only reminds us of the important things in our lives, but it also improves our mindset and mood! I highly recommend getting a journal to jot down five wonderful things in your day, whether they're big things or little things.

Leonie Dawson's got an adorable pocket gratitude diary to print and keep in your purse for 21 days! Get it here!

Create a Dreamboard.

This is something really neat featured in Leonie Dawson's Incredible Year workbook and you can check it out here!. Filling it with words and/or pictures that inspire you and keep it wherever you can see it, it helps to manifest your dreams for this year :)

My dream board is very small, but it sits right on my computer desk where I can see it always and be reminded!

Sew Curtains for the Living Room.

I forgot to take a picture of this, oops! But basically I bought a cute sheet at Value Village and made equally cute curtains for our living room. The fabric is light blue and yellow plaid and it adds a nice bit of colour to our apartment which mostly consists of wood and beige colours!

Own an iPod!
A small, silly thing, but I've ALWAYS wanted one!

On top of the Kobo that my MIL got me for Christmas :)

Buy a DSLR Camera.

This is something I've wanted to own for a looonggg time now. We decided to go with an older model of the Canon Rebel due to financial restrictions.

Isn't she a beauty? She needs a name! ;)

Thanks to my MIL, who has been a photographer for most of her life, we procured two external flashes! We also got a telephoto lens from her friend. So now I just need a hood and a couple other items for the flashes, and I'm good. Here are some pictures I've taken with this camera before we got the telephoto lens:

Nurture Relationships.

This is probably my most important thing on this year's list. Family, friends, no excuses. I'm not letting my anxiety and social awkwardness get in my way. I'm letting old emotions come to the surface with my family and heal. I'm spending time with my female friends, going out to lunch and D&D with others. I'm having monthly craft meetings with my girls. I'm connecting on a high level with my biological mother, and making sure I tell my online friends how much I love them.

I will update again this weekend, I promise! :)

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Lizelle said...

Lovely post. Happy to know you're doing well!