Thursday, May 30, 2013

Summer is here!

It's been a couple weeks since my last post! Here's what's gone on since then...

Our three foster kittens are the sweetest little girls anyone could ask for. They make every day happier!

The two tabbies are Lala and Lulu, and the tux is Lola. They had another sister and a grey tux brother, but both of them were adopted a couple weeks back.

The lilac trees on the border of this house and the next burst into bloom and dandelions exploded everywhere...

I got this beautiful spirit doll from my biomom. She is loaded with crystals and fragrant herbs, plus a written blessing.

And my youngest sister, Becky, made me this adorable whimsy jar!

I had my third craft day with my ladies, and we made origami, had sushi and ice cream, and watched Kiki's Delivery Service.

We spent the Victoria Day weekend relaxing, barbecuing, and watching fireworks.

Last Friday, I went to Anime North with said ladies :) It was a LOT of fun and I'm already super-excited for next year, when the girls and I will get a hotel room together and spend the whole weekend dressed up at the con!

On Saturday, Urban Cat Relief held their semi-annual yard & bake sale, and we made over two grand to help cover the costs of the rescue's vet bills! I'm so grateful to everyone who came out and supported us! It was a grand time and, as usual, Trevor, Elisa and I were able to come home with lots of goodies.

I've been very busy with art and swaps...

This is my second mini-zine, created for a swap. It's all about dark fairytales and was a big hit with my swap partners.

My first altered matchbox.

My May has been full of excitement, laughter until tears form, gorgeous weather and delicious barbecues, much-needed time with my girls, and fresh art inspiration. I am truly grateful for everything in my life!

I'm now gearing up for our handfasting at the end of June, another craft day/night, lots more art and working on my Things to Do in 2013 list, and getting back on the weightloss bandwagon. I hope you all have had a beautiful May!

Keep shining, my sparklers!

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Mina said...

Oh those kitties are adorable and I love all of your treasures. XO Mina