Friday, August 23, 2013

Thankful Weekend 8-23-13

Hello lovelies! I'm late posting this, but better late than never with gratitudes! :)

- I'm thankful that the adoption of one of our dear foster kittens, Luthor, went beautifully today and that I was there to see him off. I miss him, but knowing he's in his forever home makes it all worth it.

- I'm thankful that my Cipralex increase seems to finally be taking effect. It's great to feel happy!

- I'm thankful for getting projects done in a timely manner for once!

- I'm thankful for getting a small, sporadic housecleaning job that I start next week.

- I'm thankful for hot tea late at night when I'm creating.

- I'm thankful that the weather has heated back up to proper summer temperatures! I do LOVE fall, but stay in your own designated months, dangit!

- The sound of crickets singing and whirring in the warm night.

- No matter what, our cats love us unconditionally and seeing that pure love in their eyes makes a bad day better.

- Getting inspired.

- Cadbury chocolate. Ohhhh yes.

Love and light,

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