Thursday, September 12, 2013

Thankful Thursday 9-12-13

- Finding swim separates on clearance for $3 and $5!
- Finally... maybe... possibly... having learnt to actually swim. Or at least getting there more quickly.
- Trevor applying for assistant manager at his store and getting uber-appreciation from his uppers! :)
- Finishing projects that have been sitting in the dust for ages. Yep yep.
- Britcoms. Love them so much!
- Seeing my little savings jar for Anime North slowly filling up.
- 37 sleeps until my best friend arrives from the UK! I'm so bloody excited!!! Ahhhh!!!
- Feeling so, so much better since my med increase. I know that I can't rely on any medication 100%, but it is providing me with intense relief from the feelings I could no longer fight with CBT.
- With the help of a neighbour, we were able to capture two friendly kittens from outdoors and bring them in here. Thanks to our cat rescue, these two sweet boys will be getting neutered and having their first shots tomorrow, then they will soon be adopted.
- Getting my resume edited again and getting it out there to three more companies, including the one where Trevor works.

What has you grateful this week, lovelies?

Love and light,

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