Tuesday, October 15, 2013

10 Ways to Deal With a Mercury Retrograde

So what is Mercury Retrograde, anyway?
You may have heard some people griping about this, whether in passing or online.

A few times a year, Mercury goes into retrograde, and that seems to be a dreaded houseguest in mine and my family's households. This houseguest barges in uninvited, puts rings on the coffee table, eats all our food, sleeps all day on our couches, and hogs the bathroom. They leave abruptly with a big mess behind them, and while we have to clean it up, we're better equipped to deal with them next time!

All of the planets' movements affect us in different ways. They all go into retrograde, but Mercury seems to impact people so much more than any of the others. Even folks who don't believe in astrology notice the crazy effects of a retrograde!

Mercury is retrograde from October 21st to November 10th this year.

So what happens during a retrograde?
I don't know about you, but during a retrograde things tend to turn a little chaotic in my life. I feel more irritable, more prone to depression and severe bouts of anxiety, and I just don't want to see or deal with anyone. I kind of turn into a hermit during this time.

You personally might find yourself confused, feeling cloudy in the head and frustrated, being super cranky or being on the receiving end of someone who's super cranky! Your computer and other devices are more likely to go goofy on you. A Mercury retrograde can be a total kick in the ass to some people, and it usually is to my family and I.
However, there's good in a Mercury retrograde as well. It's a good time to step back and re-examine areas in your life that might need work. Lovely new perspectives are revealed, and we can reach AWESOME breakthroughs! It's a great time to tie up loose ends, too. Finish that project you've been working on for ages!

I've got a list of ten great ways to cope with a retrograde, all from personal experience!

10 Ways to Deal with Mercury Retrograde

1. Back up your data! You ought to be doing this fairly frequently as it is, but if you've been procrastinating, now's the time to do it.

2. Finish projects you started a while ago but haven't had the inspiration to finish. Write that book! Finish your beautiful knitted sweater! Write that letter or email you've been meaning to send! Join that e-course! Paint a piece of furniture!

3. Get together with old friends or family you haven't connected with in a while. Reminisce, bond, and laugh lots! Listen to stories. Tell your own. Share fun memories! Remember loved ones who are no longer physically with us.

4. Be very wary when purchasing big items such as a car, iPhone, or that lovely new laptop you've been eyeing. Make sure you triple-check everything and get a warranty!

5. Take things with a grain of salt. People might be a bit more edgy, confused, or just plain meaner than usual if they're affected by a retrograde. Don't take stuff personally!

6. A retrograde can cloud your mind, making you feel uncertain or confused. Enjoy some mind-clearing tea (I love anything that has ginseng in it! Tetley makes a lovely blueberry-gingseng tea) that not only tastes yummy, but relaxes you too! This is an opportunity for you to embrace yourself and take it easy in whatever way you can.

7. Read the small print on contracts and other important paperwork. Double-check any information you're given, such as reservations, baggage allowances, and times.

8. Now is a wonderful time to accept, forgive, and forget. Retrogrades encourage us to tie up loose ends, and releasing old bitterness towards someone is a huge relief. Take a deep breath... gulp it in... meditate... write an angry letter and then burn it... you will feel loads better!

9. Step back and allow this retrograde to nudge you in a new direction. See what happens! What can you learn from this new situation?

10. Remember that like with many other things, you can easily slide through a retrograde if you're prepared for it. Go with the flow!

Love and light,

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