Friday, November 15, 2013

Lovely Things 11-15-13

Hello, lovelies! Oh my GOSH but I have been ignoring this blog and you all, and I am so sorry for it! I've been in an awful funk ever since my best friend in the world had to go home to England after spending an amazing two weeks with the hubby and I. I miss him so much! Hopefully sometime next year I'll have enough funds to travel to the UK to see him... now there's a goal for the 2014 Create Your Incredible Year!

Since I haven't done Lovely Things in a while, here we go! Today I'm featuring some AWESOME DIY holiday crafts that I've been shown and can't wait to try!

These are utterly fabulous. I'm going to make one to hang over our entranceway.
Cinnamon Christmas Stars

I'm a huge sucker for the current trend of galaxy print, and these are no exception. It's outer space in a ball! I'll be using plastic balls for this craft, since we have cats and need to be careful about having shatterproof ornaments.
Glitter Galaxy Ornaments

How adorable are these? I'll be collecting pinecones this weekend and painting them pastels, gold and silver to put all over the place!
Pine Cone Christmas Trees

This is such a neat idea and I'm going to make one in pink, gold and silver to match my pastel theme!
Christmas Card Wreath

These are so charming, and so easy!
Wee Felt Houses

See you this weekend when I'll be showing you all goddess ways to sack the sucky feelings and days in your life where all you want to do is hide in the bedroom and cover your head.

Love and light,

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