Thursday, August 15, 2013

30 Day Blog Challenge - Days 9 and 10

30 day challenge

Here is Day 9's prompt:

"Whose online business do you admire most and why?"

Leonie Dawson is my business and goddess idol. She has created a multi-million-dollar business by doing what she loves. Her e-courses, Create Your Incredible Year workbooks, beautiful art, inspiring blog posts, and her Amazing Business + Life Academy have been touching thousands of lives; more and more so every year. It all started from a dream, and inner drive.

If I could emulate anyone's business and life style, it would definitely be Leonie's.

- She's in touch with her inner wild, succulent woman, and knows how abundant her life is. She is passionate in all things she does, touches, sees, hears, and tastes.

- She paints like a goddess; flowing her very being into her art.

- She expresses creativity through her writing.

- She creates AWESOME e-courses and workbooks.

- She lives somewhere she absolutely LOVES.

- Her Amazing Business + Life Academy has helped over 30,000 women so far live the lives they've dreamed.

- Creativity, inspiration and encouragement through blogging, podcasts, videos, and mentoring her circle.

- She lives and creates passionately even with one daughter and another baby on the way. She's very much in love with her family.

- She is immensely well-organized in her business and has a great staff.

- She seems very connected and confident with Spirit.

I really admire how happily she lives and loves her life. She positively swims in her joy of living. Not everyone can say that. She feels fulfilled and she knows she's doing what she's been called to do. That takes a lot of courage, hard work, and incredible passion and love for what you're doing.

Who wouldn't want that kind of life and business? I know I do.

And here is Day 10's prompt:

What are the key ways in which you want to make money online in your chosen business OR Which are the key online revenue streams you want to focus on in your existing business?

Obviously my business isn't up and running yet. At the moment, I am looking at ways to make money online:

I really want to make money via e-courses, e-books, my art and other creative ventures. Affiliate marketing always helps, too! :)

So how can I bring this all together? Keep my mind, heart, and soul open. Staying close to the people who inspire me the most, and breathing art. Write from my soul.

I can do this. And so can you.

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