Thursday, September 26, 2013

Thankful Thursday 9-26-13

- Getting my FIRST callback for an interview, and the position is at Trevor's work! I'm nervous as heck, but really, really excited.

- Beating insomnia, at least for one night, and getting a full night's sleep!

- Getting to enjoy the Thornhill Festival last weekend, despite the gloominess and rain, and putting on warm pjs and making chili when we got home.

- Beautiful fall colours gracing neighbourhood trees.

- Finding the first piece for my Hallowe'en outfit/FrostCon cosplay at Value Village. Wooohoo!

- Finding AWESOME tie-dye pants at Value Village! I'd been wanting these pants from Hip Mountain Mama, and the ones I found are similar in colour and are just so darn pretty! They're also the most comfortable things in the world.

- Hearing from my dear Alora yesterday and setting up yet another weekend of fun. Because I was busy last weekend, I didn't get to spend time with the girls, and I've sorely missed it. I'm so excited to see them again and get up to our usual shenanigans.

- Getting a commission from my dear friend Catherine, who is a writer. I get to draw one of her characters, which is something I love to do.

- Having dinner with Trevor and my MIL, Elisa, last night. We used to meet up at the mall every week to have dinner together, then we'd putter around the shops and walk home. I've really missed it, so this was wonderful. We had Thai, I got some autumn decorations for my altar, bought a pumpkin spice latte, and we walked home as the sun set and popped by the Italian bakery to buy a lovely apple cheese strudel. It was such a nice evening!

Love and light,

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