Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October is here!

Shout it from the rooftops! October is here! October is here!

I Love October by D. Sharon Pruitt

This is my favourite month out of the twelve. There's fall fairs, our cat rescue's big yard sale where we make lots of money to pay our rising vet bills, Thanksgiving, the Toronto Zombie Walk, and of course Hallowe'en. And anything in-between! This year, October is even better with my best friend flying in on the 20th.

My altar is decorated for autumn and Samhain. It's a bit cluttered still, but I feel everything on it is supposed to be there.

We have everything from my sweet bag of crystals, to my Rumi oracle deck, to my mini book of shadows, to my Samhain mini besom that I won in last year's Samhain Sirens giveaways, to my goddess spirit doll that my mother made me, to elemental representations and even a dream catcher hanging just out of sight. I'd like to hang some prayer flags above the dream catcher. I want to add a nice box to store my incense, something with a sacred triquetra, a decorated athame, and a little mortar & pestle (Kensington Market has all but the athame!). I'd also like various bird feathers and an abalone shell to conduct smudging with. I absolutely love my altar!

I'm working on a small ancestral altar that will honour my adoptive parents through the Samhain season. My dad passed in December 2009, and my mom in late November of last year. I will likely post an entry about it, along with lots of info on making your own ancestral altar, on Friday.

I'm also about to start working on some adorable cross-stitch patterns to hang on the wall this month. I just have to get to Michaels to get the floss and Aida cloth!

The amazing Samhain's Sirens is up and running again for a full month of witchy loveliness. Be sure to go check them out, learn something new, and enter all the giveaways! :-)

See you lovelies tomorrow for this week's gratitudes! :)

Love and light,

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Debbie Mitchell said...

Great post! Your altar is beautiful and I love the idea for the one for mom and day. I think I will work on a altar for the upcoming new year <3